Are you a rose fanatic? We are, and you'll have a huge variety of beautiful roses to choose from at Orchard's Nursery! We carry Star, Weeks, Certified Roses and David Austin Roses. You can plant roses anytime in the growing season, but you might have the best results if you try for early spring as the weather begins to warm up (or whenever Pacific Northwest weather says we are going to warm up). Roses can be a beautiful way to add a splash of color and variety to your landscape and with a small amount of maintenance, healthy roses can really give you that “wow factor” you might be looking for in your yard. We have the tools and fertilizer options you need to give your roses exactly what they need to really thrive. Roses are a seasonal item, so call us to find out when our selection will be available!


OUR ROSES(2022 list)

*These are our most fragrant roses! What they smell like is in parentheses.

Roses marked OR are own root varieties.

Hybrid Tea/Floribundas/Grandifloras

Adobe Sunrise OR- FL salmon/or

All Dressed Up- GR pink cabbage

All My Loving- HT dk pink

*Angel Face- FL lavender (citrus)

Anna’s Promise- GR or/pink

*Barbara Streisand- HT purple (rose/citrus)

Belinda’s Dream OR- FL pink

Black Baccara- HT almost blk

Black Magic- HT dark red

Blue Girl- HT lavender

Bolero OR- FL white

Brandy- HT apricot

*Broadway- HT pink with yellow (damask)

Burgundy Iceberg OR- FL pur/wh

Burst of Joy- FL or/yellow

California Dreamin’- HT wh/pink

*Centennial Star- HT yellow/dk pink (rose)

*Chantilly Cream- HT cream/yl (fruit/spice)

Cherry Parfait- GR wh/red

Chicago Peace- HT pink/yellow

*Chrysler Imperial- HT red (damask)

Cinco De Mayo OR- FL copper

Colorific- FL orange blend

Crimson Bouquet- GR red

Dick Clark- GR dk pink/cream

Distant Drums- FL pink/tan

*Doris Day- FL yellow (fruit/spice)

*Double Delight- HT wh/red (spice/rose)

Dream Come True- GR yellow/dk pink

Drop Dead Red- FL red

*Earth Angel- FL full light pink (citrus)

Easy Does It- FL apricot

Easy Going- FL yellow

Easy Spirit- FL white

*Ebb Tide- FL purple (clove/spice)

*Eleganza Beverly- HT pink (citrus)

Eleganza Sunny Sky- HT yellow

*Elle- HT pink/apricot (spice)

Enchanted Peace- HT orange/pink

*Eternal Flame- HT light yellow (citrus)

Euphoria- HT apricot/pink

Falling In Love- HT light pink

*Firefighter- HT red (old rose)

Forever Amber- FL apricot

*Fragrant Cloud- HT dk coral (spice/rose)

*Fragrant Plum- GR purple (fruity)

Francis Meilland- HT light pink

*Full Sail- HT white (honeysuckle)

*Fun in the Sun- GR light yw/tan (fruit/spice)

George Burns- FL yw/red striped

Gold Struck- GR yellow

Good As Gold- HT dk yellow

Grande Dame- HT rosy pink

*Heavenly Scented HT pink (fruit/spice)

*Heirloom- HT purple (apple/wine)

Henry Fonda- HT dk yellow

Hot Cocoa- FL copper

Iceberg OR- FL white

Ingrid Bergman- HT red

Ink Spots- HT dark red

*Intrigue- FL purple/red (citrus)

John F Kennedy- HT white

Judy Garland- FL or/yellow

*Julia Child OR- FL yellow (licorice/spice)

*Julie Andrews- HT pink/yellow

Jump For Joy- FL apricot

*Just Joey- HT apricot (fruity)

Ketchup & Mustard- FL yellow/red

Koko Loko- FL light tan/lavender

*Lasting Love- HT red/purple (rose)

*Life of the Party- FL pink/yellow (fruity)

Livin’ Easy OR- FL orange

Love Song- FL lavender

*Love’s Promise- HT red (raspberry)

*Memorial Day- HT lt pink (damask)

*Meredith- HT soft pink (sweet)

Michelangelo- HT yellow

*Miss All Amricn Bty- HT dk pink (rose)

*Mister Lincoln- HT red (damask)

*Moonlight in Paris- FL lt. Pch-pk (rose/fruit)

*Moonlight Romantica- HT golden (honey)

Mother of Pearl- GR pink

*Neil Diamond- HT red/white (rose)

*Neptune- HT lavender (sweet)

*Oklahoma- HT red (rose)

Oregold- HT yellow

Papa Meilland- HT red

*Parade Day- HT pink striped (citrus/spice)

Paris D’Yves- HT pink

Peace- HT pink/yellow

*Peach Swirl- HT apricot/yw striped (fruit)

*Perfume Delight- HT pink (damask)

*Perfume Factory- HT purple (fruit/spice)

Peter Mayle- HT hot pink

Picture Perfect- HT hot pink/wh

Pinkerbelle- HT pink/white

*Pop Art- GR yellow w/ pink striped (fruit)

*Pretty Lady Rose- HT pink (peony)

*Prncss Ch.. de Monco- HT dusty pink (strawberries/apples)

Pumpkin Patch- FL orange

*Purple Tiger- FL purple/white (citrus/rose)

Queen Elizabeth- Gr light pink

*Queen Mary 2- HT white (banana)

*Radiant Perfume- GR deep yellow (citrus)

Rainbow Sorbet- FL pink/white

*Raspberry Cupcake- HT pink (lemon/raspberry)

Ring of Fire- HT deep coral

Rio Samba- HT yellow/orange

*Rock & Roll- GR red/cream striped (rose)

Rosie The Riveter- FL dusty orange

*Scentimental- FL red/wh striped (spice)

Sedona- HT deep coral/orange

*Sheila’s Perfume- FL pink/yellow (rose/ft)

*Shirley’s Bouquet- HT white (rose)

Shockwave- FL yellow

Silver Lining- FL lavender

Sol Desire- FL yellow

Sparkle & Shine OR- FL yellow

Stiletto- HT red

*Sugar Moon- HT white (citrus/rose)

Sunbelt Crazy Love- GR copper/yel

Sunbelt Plum Perfect OR- FL lav

Sunbelt South Africa OR- FL apricot

*Sundowner- GR deep salmon/apricot (fruit)

Sunset Celebration- HT light pink/tan

*Sweet Madame Blue- FL lav/pink (citrus)

*Sweet Mademoiselle- HT apricot/pink (strawberries)

Tahitian Treasure- GR hot pink

Tiffany- HT pink

Top Cream- HT white

Tropicana- HT coral

*Twilight Zone- GR purple (clove/spice)

Uptown Girl- GR coral/pink

*Violet’s Pride- FL lavender (grapeft/sp)

Voodoo- HT orange

*White Licorice- FL white (licorice/lemon)

Climbing Roses

*America- salmon/pink (spice)

Arborose Florentina OR- dk red

*Arborose Honeymoon OR- cream/blush

Arborose Quicksilver OR- lt purple

*Colette OR- pink (citrus)

Crimson Sky OR- red

Eden OR- pink

*Golden Opportunity- yellow

Golden Showers- yellow

Iceberg- white

Joseph’s Coat OR- or/yellow/pink

*Lavender Crush- purple with white (citrus)

New Dawn OR- light pink

Royal Gold- orange

Smiley Face OR- yellow

Tropical Lightning- red/orange stripe

White Eden- white

*Zepherine Drouhin OR- dk pink (bourbon)

Miniature & Goundcover Roses

All A’ Twitter OR- orange

*Diamond Eyes OR- purple/wh

*Life’s Little Pleasures OR- purple

Sunblaze Bridal OR- cream/yel

Sunblaze Candy OR- Deep pink/white striped

Sunblaze Cherry OR- red

Sunblaze Peach OR- peach

Sunblaze Yellow OR- yellow

Sunset Happy Trails OR- or/yellow

David Austin

*Charles Darwin OR- yellow (tea)

*Emily Bronte- soft pink (old rose)

*Eustacia Vye OR- Mid Pink (fruit)

*Gabriel Oak OR- Deep pink (fruit)

Kew Gardens OR- white w/ yellow center

Lady of Shalott OR- orange

Nye Bevan OR- pale yellow

*Silas Marner OR- pink (old rose)

The Alnwick OR- soft pink

Tranquility OR- White

*Windermere- cream (fruity)

Shrub/Landscape Roses


Alfred Sisley-  or/cream striped

*Blanc De Coubert- RG White (rose)

*Cathedral Bells- SH pink-lilac (anise)

Dancing in the Dark- FL red

*Hansa- RG fuchsia (clove)

*Pearlescent- white

Sultry Night- magenta

The Fairy O/R- pink

Knock Out Coral- coral

Knock Out Double Pink- pink

Knock Out Double Red- reddish pink

Knock Out Pink- pink

Knock Out Red- reddish pink

Knock Out Sunny- yellow

Tree Roses 24” & 36”

*Ebb Tide 24”- dark purple (clove/spice)

*Firefighter 36”- red (Old Rose)

*Julia Child 24”- yellow (licorice/spice)

*Scentimental 24”- red/white striped (spicey)

*Sugar Moon 36”- white


If you are in search of something special, let us know!





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